Taiwan (Mar./Aug. 2020)

Unable to travel internationally in this virus year, it has been 6 months of exploring, in many cases rediscovering, Taiwan's mountains, plains and islands. There are photographs here from:

North - Guanxi, Tamsui, Pinglin, Guishan & Yangmei

South - Meinong, Donggang & Shanzihjiao

Central Mountains - Nantou, Yunlin, Chiayi & Pingtung counties

East Coast - Ilan, Hualien & Taitung (inc. Lanyu) counties

Penghu - Beiliao, Wai'an & Niaoyu

Western Islands - Kinmen

Some of the lesser known/more unusual activities I came across can be seen in the Agriculture and Hunting & Fishing galleries.

The whole portfolio can be viewed as a slideshow.