Taiwan (Sep. 2020/Feb. 2021)

Photographs from another 6 months of travel in Taiwan and its offshore islands in this era of the virus. It was partially revisits to old haunts while also an opportunity to explore areas I'd overlooked in previous travels. Images here include those from:

North - Taipei, Xinpu, Linkou, Yangmingshan & Tahu

South - Wanggong, Shaluen & Tainan

Central Mountains - Central and Southern Cross Island Highways & Meishan

East Coast - Rift Valley & Erjie

Penghu - Xiyu

I attended a number of religious events unique to the island which can be seen in the Religion and Festivals galleries. Images in the the Hunting & Fishing gallery record Taiwan's large but little documented fishing industry.

The complete set can be viewed as a slideshow.